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                16 Cool Things You Can do on the Internet for Free

     If you would like to put some substance into mindless web surfing, I strongly suggest you check out the following page:



                                  Malwarebytes: regassassin (Registry Assassin) 

     Earlier in this post I wrote about the program "malware bytes".  The program is so good that I purchased a license to run the full version.
     While preparing my computer for the installation of tax ppreparation software, I ran several virus and malware scans. Another program I use for internet security, Spybot search and Destroy, found I had something in my registry attached to a key called  "hkey/software/freeze.com". It identified it as a fraud. Normally Spybot can remove items like this but in this case, the fraud's author allowed for this, and Spybot could not remove the registry key.
     I downloaded a program called "Regassassin" and entered the suspect registry key. It instantly blew out all traces of it. If you are encountering similar problems with your PC's security I am putting the link for it here:


     Caution: Manipulating registry links can be risky. If you are not sure about what you are doing, get help 



      Do you need an office productivity suite like Microsoft Office but are reluctant to pony up the bucks it requires to get started? Try open office suite. It was developed by Sun Microsystems and is completely compatible with Microsoft Office. I have used it to make spread sheets, slide presentations and word documents. And the best part of it is the price...It's free. Go to the above web site. You'll have to register once there. When you receive the link, download the software and install it on your computer. Once you start using it I think you'll like it

                                                 Google Search:

While I'm on the subject of Google, try the Google Chrome browser. Interenet Explorer is up to version 8. It is the constant subject of attacks and hackers. Google Chrome is much more secure than IE 7. And it boasts some features that are not available in IE versions up to 7. You can actually initiate a search from the URL/ Address window. Try it. As with all of the other softwares on this page it's free.

                                 Giveaway of the Day - FREE Software!!!!

Giveaway of the Day

                                         A Well Maintained Computer

     Is your computer running slow? Are your web pages slow to open? Do you experience page freeze and lock-ups? Many people I know and work with share these same complaints. The answer is a few key strokes away. Navigate yourself over to the following site:


     Once there you'll find a link to download malwarebytes anti malware program. Download the executable file to your desktop. Once you have it, open it, click "run" and install it on your hard drive. After it is installed run the updater by clicking on the "Update" tab. The program is updated several times a day. You will now have the free version of the program. Run it on you computer. It will take anywhere from a few minutes up to a couple of hours depending on the size of your hard drive and the files loaded on it. Chances are the first time you run it you will find several hundred items of malware already embedded on your rmachine. You now have the tool you need to remove them.

     This program works so well you will probably want to pony up the bucks and buy the "pay version". The pay version gives you real time protection.

     I am not getting any kind of compensation for recommending this software. I use it and I have discovered it catches a lot of malicious junk that finds its way on to my hard drive past the virus scan software. Try it. I believe you will see a noticeable difference in the way your machine performs. 


                                                           More Great Free Stuff

     Did you ever notice after a lengthy web surfing session you machine slows down?  There is another great program that is free  ware that goes a long way toward keeping you rmachine running  in an optimal state. It is appropriately named CCleaner (Crap Cleaner). Find your way over to this site:


     Click on alternative download. In about 5 seconds your Windows information bar will pop up asking you what you want to do.

   Click "download file". Save the executable file that downloads on your desktop. Then install it on your hard drive but...be careful! Read what it is asking you to install. I recommend you check "make desktop icon" and "automatically check for updates". Uncheck the recycle bin option, the start menu option and the Yahoo toolbar option (unless you want the Yahoo tool bar). I tried it once and found it to be a memory eater and served little other purpose. I uninstalled it but, like anything else, it is a matter of personal preference.

     CCleaner is a great program that quickly scans your computer and removes cookies and other junk that piles up on your harddrive. It also does some basic repairs to your registry that are easy to back up and undo if necessary. 

                                            Even More Free Stuff:




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